Information about dangerous work at Fjord Base

1. Purpose

The information is intended to secure that we always have control over warm work, or other work that can cause danger at Fjord Base. With this document we want to prevent negative events from all operations between the companies.

2. Definitions

  • Warm work: Welding, cutting, cutting burning, soldering, use of an angle grinder or tools with high self-heating or tools that can develop heat or sparks.
  • Other work that can cause danger: Wherever events may occur due to all operations.
  • Bulk: Liquid or dry substance stored in tanks.

3. Responsibility and authority
Saga Fjordbase is responsible for keeping track of how warm work/other dangerous work occurs at any time at Fjord Base. It is based on information from the tenants. Saga Fjordbase must have an updated overview with what type of chemicals being permanently stored in the tank facilities throughout the year.

The individual tenant shall assess the work risk associated with its own field, and risk due to its companies nearby. They must make sure to procure any necessary work permit. They also have a responsibility to report to Saga Fjordbase and companies nearby about work at its own field. Saga Fjordbase has the responsibility to maintain forms and routines.

4. Description

    • Map of Fjord Base
      Tenants that stores bulk in fast or loose tanks at Fjord Base reports annual in January what is stored, the amount and location to Saga Fjordbase. If there is changes throughout the year, these should also be reported. There is an updated overview on what substances stored permanently based on this information.
    • Notification of workTenants fills out the form in this document. The form can be sent to Logistikksenteret, Saga Fjordbase. The mail address is:

Companies nearby get a copy of the mail to inform these at the same time.

One must as quickly as possible inform about the work that is going to take place, ideally two days before.

If there is change of plans, or the work is going to last longer than planned, report directly to: 91 80 10 41 (Base guard)

5. References
Internal control regulations, coordination §6

Hot work form :

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • :