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Seeking opportunities, adding value

The Fjord Base Group has been involved in generating business activity in the local community since 1985. Our companies have developed into a major group employing more than 300 personnel, and constitute an important part of industrial activities in Flora municipality.
The Fjord Base Group has operations in the oil and gas sector, and in technical services, property development, aquaculture and industrial maintenance. We are located at Fjord Base – Norway’s westernmost oil base in close proximity to the resources.

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Fjord Base

Disposable area:  728 000 m²
Levelled area for leasing: 575 000 m²
Roads, quays and common areas: 102 000 m²
Buildings: (offices, warehouses, etc.) 51 300 m²
Quay facilities: 600 metres

Fjord Base hosts approximately 650 workplaces. 65 companies with a variety of specialisations are established on, or represented at, the base.


The Fjord Base vision is to be the most effective and efficient supply base in the country. This necessitates a robust focus on health, the environment, safety and quality. If we are to achieve this, everyone who has business at the base must be willing to follow our vision.
We put HSEQ first in all our activities.

Our main objectives:

  • We shall endeavour to realize zero accidents and undesirable incidents involving people, equipment, materials, the environment and our services.
  • Security is a mainstay of our HSE concept. Its implementation shall protect our interests against theft, destruction, misuse, espionage and any other or similar undesirable incidents.
  • Work-related illness shall be prevented.
  • Our colleagues shall not be exposed to unnecessary or harmful health burdens.
  • Absenteeism due to illness shall be kept to a minimum.

That is:

  • Zero injury to people and damage to the environment.
  • Zero accidents or losses.
  • Zero work-related illness.

New area and future plans


Fjord Base is the largest supply base in Norway. This year we are building the infrastructure for 150,000 square metres of a new industrial complex. PGS, a leading marine geophysical company, will move their international warehouse to the new site in November 2018. We also have plans for a full-scale land-based aquaculture farm for salmon.

The new industrial area enables us to develop activities that focus on the energies of the future. Our plans therefore include building a hydrogen factory for the production and storage of hydrogen for maritime propulsion. In the future, we anticipate using hydrogen to operate vehicles and machines at Fjord Base. Production of hydrogen yields waste products such as heat and oxygen. These will be transported to the aquaculture farm to which they will contribute vital resources.

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